Dark Tube

Dark Tube is going to blow you away.. when it comes to generating video views, and traffic to your blog or website it one of a kind!

You can use Dark Tube to Scrape users from Youtube that have commented on a list of videos you provide, so for example, if your looking to sell “dog leads” then it would be a great idea to scrape users that have watched videos related to dog health.

After you have scraped enganging users then it’s time to collect the users data by going to each one of there channels, and scraping there infomation including there video uploads, and social media data.

It’s now time to catch the users we have scraped attention, you can Subscribe to there channel, like there latest videos, and comment on their videos, as well as a post on their discussion wall, you can use place holder data in your comments (such as quote the video they had left a comment on) to look like a human! By doing this a good percentage of users will come and look at your channel(s) video and links!

Dark tube can also wait for new videos to be uploaded based on a set of keywords that your provide, Dark Tube will then go to the new videos and comment, like and subscribe to the users gaining you even more attention.

All events such as subscribing, liking and leaving comments can be set to a percentage chance of happening, keep each one of your accounts looking like a human and not software

Dark Tube supports multi accounts, proxy support and unlimited threads

  • Dark Tube is a windows based product
  • To use multi-threads it is highly recommended you use proxies
  • Purchase of the full version is $30
  • Trial version is available Click here to download

You can purchase the full version by clicking below (you will be directed to our partner “Buy me a coffee”) please allow up to 24 hours for your download to be provided to you. All products come with support via Email, Discord and Telegram.


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